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The laboratory of impro rules with Ben Verhoeven - Wednesday, 28. August - 10:00 - 13:00h


About the Workshop:

Which impro rules do you strive to play by? Which improv tips do you believe in?

Well, prepare to have your beliefs challenged. In this laboratory we will experiment and play with the rules.

This investigation will help us gain understanding in the how, why and when of such rules. Nothing is true until proven!

Homework: think of the improv rule that you personally swear by and bring it to class.


About the Teacher:


Ben Verhoeven is an improviser and teacher from Antwerp, Belgium. He’s known for his work on the intersection between science and (improvised) theatre: using applied improvisation techniques to help scientists communicate and developing and performing science theatre shows. His more rational and analytical approach also features in his artistic endeavours and performing style. Ben has a secure and calm stage presence while thoroughly committing to the show at hand with a solid awareness of the stage, players and scene. Oh, and he loves improvising musical theatre!

Ben is three time winner of the Flemish longform improv competition Kemphanen, with his groups Prism and Commotie musical improv. He has his own company ERLNMYR combining improvisation and science communication, for example in the AI improvisation show Improbotics. He’s also co-founder of Swaajp Improtheater, co-director of Werewolves the improv show, regular performer with ImproBubble, and has a new duo show with Romanian improviser Rozana Radu. Since starting improvisation in 2011, Ben has performed over 250 shows in 10 different countries and in 4 different languages.

Ben was an improvisation teacher at Conservatorium Mechelen for four years, and before that he founded the Swaajp School of Improv and ran it for several years. He regularly offers workshops to different theater groups in Belgium and abroad (India, Germany, New Zealand, France, Slovenia, The Netherlands). He’s a founding member of The SIN, an international network for ambitious improvisers in Europe.

The laboratory of impro rules with Ben Verhoeven

VAT Included
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    August 24th - September 1st 2024

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