8 International improvisers from all over Europe

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Andrew Hefler

Hungary / USA

Andrew is a performer, director, trainer working in theatre, music, film and television for nearly thirty years. He was first introduced to Improvisational theatre at the age of 10 in grade school in Los Angeles. Since then he has worked with theatre groups in the US, Canada, Europe and since 1994 in his homebase of Budapest. He was a founding member of the experimental impro trio Scalabouche and later founded Grund Theatre in 2008 developing a company and training methods for actors and shows for performance. Andrew has taught actors, screenwriters and directors as well as at other faculties at Bauhaus University, Budapest University of Theatre and Cinematic Arts and currently at CEU.

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Beata Rózalska


Beata Różalska – architect and improviser based in Poland. She started working with improvisational theatre in 2007. She performs and teaches both in Poland and abroad. She performs with groups SzaFoFe, 7 Women of Different Ages and she is a member of international network of improvisers The SIN. She wants to encourage people to be more playful and to feel more ease in scenes. On a stage she seeks for variety of emotions, using freedom, movement and her own nature. Beata treats Impro as an art that may help us to develop many abilities. Her hope if that through impro we may show what is good and how to disagree with bad behavior.

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Billy Kissa

Belgium / Greece

Billy Kissa is an actress, won over by Improv Theater. After graduating “Theater of Arts, Karolos Koun”, she performed to her first play as a professional actress and at the same time she crossed paths with Improv Theater. It was love at first sight. She dove into the world of improv head first and she took her first steps towards teaching improv. Within 9 years she has been trained by numerous instructors, performed and taught all over the world. She is part of the European Improv Network “The SIN”, a member of the international collective for women improvisers "Project Eve", the international troupe "3 Deadly Sinners" and the Impro duo "BE".

Gael Doorneweerd-Perry

Netherlands / France

Gael has practiced improv for about 13 years in Strasbourg and then Amsterdam. He is the co-founder of Flock Theatre, Anananas & Pampamplemousse (formerly La Carpe Haute), as well as the SIN, an international network of improvisers in Europe.

He loves travelling and creating formats to explore and share his passion, including with his partner on and off-stage, Laura Doorneweerd-Perry. After their tour around the world to teach and to perform their show Object of Affection in 2019-2020, he settled back in Amsterdam where they created Flock Theatre together.

Gael teaches improv full time and he loves it! During his travels, he found a thousand ways to improvise. The result of his learnings is both physical and noisy, kind and silly, full of emotions and slightly crazy.

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Jutta Tilvis


Jutta Tilvis (FIN) is a professional improviser who is currently working as an in-house actor at Snorkkeli - an improv company based in Tampere. She is also a member of the international performing group Doris Likes Everything. Both her performance and teaching styles are heavily influenced by her background as a circus, theatre and dance instructor. Jutta loves personality tests, animals licking her hand, and fast jazz.

Laura Doorneweerd-Perry


When Laura is not traveling the world, she can be found cycling the Amsterdam canals between her jobs as trainer, performer, entrepreneur, and cat mom. She is the founder of all-woman action epic The Ferocious Four, co-founder of theatre school Flock Theatre (with her improvising husband Gael), and co-founder of Ohana, network for European improvisers. With her 18 years of teaching experience, Laura now also teaches improv teachers online.

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Manuel Speck


“Try to surprise yourself and trust your partners" Those are the maxims Manuel Speck follows while playing improv. His impro-roots are based in Mainz, Germany where he was 2010 one of the founding members of the group "Die Affirmative". In 2015 he founded the group “FEM Fatale” in Karlsruhe and is now artistic director of “Improtheater Karlsruhe”. He is also a founding member of the European Impro-initiative The SIN and performs worldwide. He loves do explore the range impro has to offer from silly, comedic shows to surreal and controversial longform-formats. To discover the stories onstage and to connect with improvisers offstage around the world are the things that keep him going. Due to his background in film he is always eager to bring Movie- and TV- Genres and -styles to the stage. 

Stephen Davidson

United Kingdom

Stephen Davidson is the Artistic Director of The Improvised Play, Improvable, QI: Queer Improv, Carmen: A gender-swapped Film Noir Fantasy, and of Zeal: The Pride Improv Festival. Stephen is the author of two books about improv, Play Like an Ally and Improvising Gender. Stephen teaches improv independently and through Improvable, with the Free London Improv Project, City Academy, and Hoopla Improv. He has taught and performed all over the world.

Stephen loves improv and one of the world’s most cheerful people when playing or teaching. When coaching and directing improv he prides himself on creating a positive environment so that players can perform at their best. Stephen likes his improv like he likes his partners; silly, clever, and emotionally connected. Stephen has studied improv through i/o Chicago, Annoyance, UCB, Hoopla, The Maydays, Music Box, Showstoppers, Imprology, and with many visiting artists including Dave Razowsky, Bill Arnett, Kaci Beeler, Heather Anne Campbell, Deanna Fleysher, and many more.

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