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  • What are the locations of the festival?
    Our shows will be played at the "marotte Figurentheater" at Kaiserallee 11, 76133 Karlsruhe. The workshops will be held at the Improtheater Karlsruhe "Friedenstrasse 2, 76133" and "Gartenstrasse 56b" and in the rehearsal space of the marotte in "Schillerstrasse 32, 76133 Karlsruhe"
  • What is the ticket situation?
    The marotte has a capacity of 90 seats, therefore we recommend to buy the tickets as early as possible. We cannot guarantee tickets at the box office.
  • What is the festival language?
    Since we have an international ensemble from all over the world we would call it a: "non native" English :) So don't worry to come to our shows and workshops if your English isn't perfect.
  • Where can I stay?
    Karlsruhe offers a big variety of different hostels, hotels, airbnb as well as couchsurfing opportunities. If you cannot find a place to stay then feel free to reach out and maybe we can put you in touch with the local improv community.
  • What levels are the workshops?
    We made the experience that experience in years isn't something that helps to determine if a workshop is suited for you. If a topic interests you and you have basic improv knowledge then feel free to take the workshop. Also, if you are uncertain then feel free to reach out. All of our teachers are happy to help you decide.
  • Any question left?
    Feel free to reach out via social media, e-mail or with the contact form on this very site! We are happy to help you.
  • Why are an otter and a raccoon the mascots of the festival?
    Because they are not just freaking adorable and smart but also the favorite animals of our artistic directors Gael (otter) and Manuel (raccoon).
  • Can you explain the different show-tickets to me?
    Sure! You have kind of three different options: 1.) Buy a festival pass for 125€ - this gives you access to all 15 shows on all 5 nights and as a bonus even a 10% discount on all workshops you want to visit. 2.) If you only want to come for specific day then you can buy a day-ticket for 30€. This includes all three shows (2 ensemble-shows + 1 guest-show) of the selected day. 3.) If you are only interested in a specific show then you can buy an individual ticket. A ensemble-show costs 15€ (they are 60 minutes long) and a guest-show costs 10€ (they are only 30-45 minutes long).

Thank you very much for reaching out to us

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August 26th - September 1st

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