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General Bill of Rights


As a participant of Improfestival Karlsruhe, I recognise and accept my rights, and I will act to provide everybody the same rights.

  • I have the right to set my own physical and psychological boundaries. It is OK to not be OK.

  • I have the right to address a problem, I will not become the problem.

  • I have the right to be supported on and off stage.

  • I have the right to try and to fail.

  • I have the right to be the beautiful human I am.

  • I have the right to refuse to take part, to be part, or to continue anything that makes me feel uncomfortable or unsafe without explanation.

  • I have the right to love, to cry, to be happy and to be sad. I have the right to feel, whatever that is and means for me, without being judged.

  • I have the right to speak up for myself if I feel uncomfortable or unsafe in any situation, as an audience member, a student, a performer, or a teacher. And I have the right to speak up for anyone if I witness a situation where I think somebody feels uncomfortable or unsafe.

  • I have the right to be respected.


If you need to address anything or to simply talk to somebody, we advice to preferably address directly and with the group any behaviour that makes you feel uncomfortable. In most cases, those problems are not personal between two individuals, it’s the concern of the group to be part of the discussion. If for any concerns you can reach out to any of the teachers, staff members, or festival organisers.


Note for the Teachers, Performers, and Staff members


The Improfestival Karlsruhe and the people behind it want to create a safe and healthy environment of work. As any participant, your rights are the same. Due to your position of exposure (on stage, in workshops, or in the organisation) you have the extra-duty to do everything in your power to guarantee safety and respect of everyone, encourage positive behaviours and address problematic ones. This is valid on stage and in workshops where we want scene-work respecting everyone there, off-stage during the festival, and hopefully in life.


The organisation team asks each festival attendee to be aware of power dynamics and treat everyone respectfully. Under no circumstances is it appropriate for a teacher, performer, or staff member use their position to force any physical, sexual, or emotional attention from anyone else

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August 24th - September 1st 2024

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