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"The Hero·ine Who Got Lost" by Inbal & Gael (Berlin, Germany & Amsterdam, Netherlands) (20:30 - 21:15)


Hero·ines are brave, beautiful and perfect. They go on quests, they find their calling, the universe itself sends them on personal journeys to full realisation which they come back from transformed. But isn’t trying to be human heroic enough? Enter the realm of imperfect people, broken life paths, unrealistic dreams and bad choices, in this unscripted play by Inbal Lori and Gael Doorneweerd-Perry. Come witness these made-up lives, laugh at their unexpected destinies and go back home feeling a little better about yourself. If their cowardly human nature makes them hero·ines, what does that make you?

The Hero·ine Who Got Lost (Thursday - 20:30)

VAT Included
    Improv Festival Karlsruhe.png

    August 24th - September 1st 2024

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