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Neat Little Bow with Eoin O'Sullivan - Thursday, 29. August - 10:00 - 13:00h


About the Workshop:


In this dynamic workshop, participants will learn how to deliver on the unspoken contract we write with an audience, including setups, payoffs, and conclusions. And how there is an arch in every show. Through fun, fast-paced group work, we will discover; How to spot the plots and subplots of each scene; How to keep track of the bigger picture; When to drop the big reveal; And how to work with your fellow players to deliver the endings that the audience is and sometimes is not expecting. This course is perfect for those looking to hone their listening and communication skills. And strengthen their lateral thinking and group work.


About the Teacher:

Eoin is an improviser, Radio/Podcast presenter, and audio producer. Through ten years of experience performing across Australia and Europe. Eoin has honed his storytelling skills on stage and on Mic.

Now based in Copenhagen, he performs regularly as part of the SuperCut troupe, pushing the boundaries of narrative improv. As well as dipping into the less linear side of things from time to time.

Neat Little Bow with Eoin O'Sullivan

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    August 24th - September 1st 2024

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