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Improv & Rap with Tobias Sailer - Friday, 30. August - 10:00 - 13:00h


About the Workshop:


In this workshop you will learn how to use rap on the improv stage from an experienced improviser and rapper.

You can take away inspiration for short-form as well long-form shows, whether you want to have rap as a little extra icing on the cake, or even to provide structure and fuel a whole set, as we do in our show, Callbacks&Punchlines.


We look at basic and more advanced techniques to get into rhymes and flow, learn some fun and effective games and exercises, and experience how to present our rhymes in a way that makes an impression on the audience. Finally, you’ll take away song structures and learn to perform improvised rap songs with other people in a collaborative way where you dynamically take turns. Freestyle rap and improv are so similar and yet so different - one is too cool, the other too corny. But when we combine it, it is the perfect mix!


About the Teacher:


Tobias Sailer is an improviser and rapper from Bremen, Germany. He spent the late nineties and 2000’s as an active part of the Bremen Hip Hop community and performed all around Germany with his group Defekte Dichtung.


When he discovered improv in 2006ish, he fell so deeply in love with this artform that it took the focus away from his musical ambitions and he totally immersed himself in the world of longform improv. It took him more than a decade to realize that he could combine his two passions and founded the group Callbacks&Punchlines in 2019 to explore what magic will develop when improv theatre and freestyle rap meet.


Apart from this project, he performs regularly at the AMS! Theater as part of various projects and constellations, currently mostly with a free form experiment called nuss mix. He teaches classes on various approaches and forms and spends a lot of time being nerdy about the essence of improvisation, fueled by his interest in philosophy and linguistics. He is mostly inspired by longform from Chicago and New York to which he loves to add his own particular twist.

Improv & Rap with Tobias Sailer

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    August 24th - September 1st 2024

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