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FilmFarsi: an improvised Persian telenovela with Tanine Dunais - Friday & Saturday, 30. - 31. August - 10:00 - 17:00h


About the Workshop:


Have you ever been super melodramatic in a show, and felt you could still dial it up to 11? Do you find yourself constrained by the realities of normal life?In this course, we will focus on the format of FilmFarsi (literally: Persian Movie), with its own flavour of overacting, plot twists, music transitions, and action sequences! You will work on how to let go, and be that little bit more extra.Tanine directed this format for the closing night of IMPRO Amsterdam 2023 and it was extremely well received. If you enjoy the thought of being in your own Soap Opera, or to feature in a Telenovela, you will love this workshop!


About the Teacher:


Tanine Dunais is an Iranian improvisor, graphic designer and illustrator who loves exploring between the world of performing arts and visual arts.. As an improviser she started her journey in Dubai.

She later relocated to Europe, where she discovered a big, diverse world of improvisational theories and views. She has since been performing and teaching across Europe in festivals. A journey that not only has widened her artistic view but made her curious about subjects such as diversity, inclusion and what it means to be an Iranian improvisor.


Since she moved to Amsterdam in 2018, Tanine has collaborated consistently with the Flock Theatre as a teacher and performer up until she joined the Flock Theatre’s team in 2023.

FilmFarsi: an improvised Persian telenovela with Tanine Dunais

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    August 24th - September 1st 2024

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