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Characters: Point of View and Subversion with Sarah McGillion - Saturday, 31. August - 10:00 - 17:00h


About the Workshop:


Embark on a journey into character development and disrupting stereotypes with ‘Characters: Point of View and Subversion.’ This immersive experience delves into diverse archetypes, transcending genres, eras, and locales. Uncover versatile characterization techniques applicable to any scene. Learn to craft engaging character viewpoints that draw audiences into their minds. Embrace the power of unspoken moments to convey emotions and intentions through silence. Master character archetypes, creating unexpected twists. Join us in this enlightening workshop to unlock the secrets of character creation that resonate across narratives. Discover character treasures within your imagination and emerge as a skilled storyteller capable of captivating any scene. Enter the boundless realm of character exploration, where personas come alive to shine in any scenario.


About the Teacher:


Sarah McGillion is an Irish improviser and actor who has been performing and teaching improv comedy in Copenhagen since 2016. She holds an MSc in Artificial Intelligence, but now uses it rarely as she has spent the past 4 years running her own company (Inconspicuous) dedicated to improv training and the production of comedy events throughout Denmark. With a background in theatre from the age of four, she has a flair for characters and storytelling. She performs regularly with her character-driven comedy duo show “If These Walls Could Talk,” the narrative genre team “SuperCut.” Sarah has trained and performed improv across Europe, North America, Australia, and Africa. From home and abroad, Sarah brings extensive experience from performing, teaching, and coaching countless hours in many different improv styles.

Characters: Point of View and Subversion with Sarah McGillion

VAT Included
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    August 24th - September 1st 2024

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