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Anatomy of a Relationship with Agnes Edvall - Friday, 30. August - 10:00 - 17:00h


About the Workshop:


Explosions and heists in all of their glory, but what do we usually end up caring about in a story? That’s right, the relationships. In this workshop, we’ll dig deep into the creation of improvised relationships on stage and the “how to” of making them feel real and authentic. How do we act around people who know us from the inside and out? How do we portray the tension of a third date? With simple tools and techniques we’ll create scenes that give the audience a feeling of being thrown into a living, breathing and wonderfully complex reality. It’ll be a workshop filled with laughter, teasing with heart and, most importantly, comfort.


About the Teacher:


Agnes Edvall is an improviser and teacher with a background in scripted theatre. She’s been a member of Gbgimpro since 2015 and is the former artistic director of Primalimpro. She has been involved with several duos and trio projects outside of Gbgimpro, one of them being The serious duo with Anton Romanus. She’s played and taught workshops in various corners of the world such as the USA, Canada, The Netherlands, and Austria, and now and then you can find her in the director's position. With a variety of styles in her arsenal, improvised drama is one of the things close to her heart. Trust, playfulness, and truth are three of her keywords when she enters the stage, and she is determined to stop improvising the day she thinks she’s found the “right answer”.

Anatomy of a Relationship with Agnes Edvall

VAT Included
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    August 24th - September 1st 2024

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