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"You ARE the Sound!" by Roelof Ruis Saturday (10:00 - 17:00)


In this workshop, we'll be exploring the power of sound to bring characters to life. Rather than relying on dialogue to convey emotion and personality, we'll be using instruments and other sound-making devices to create interesting scenes. Actors will be mute throughout the workshop, using sound to express the thoughts, feelings, and personalities of their characters. Through improvisation and sound exploration exercises, participants will learn to create nuanced and dynamic soundscapes that complement and enhance their performances.


The workshop is open to musicians, actors, or simply anyone who is interested in exploring the creative possibilities of sound. You are encouraged to bring your own instrument, but for those who don't play anything/can't bring anything, small instruments will be provided.

You ARE the Sound!

VAT Included
    Improv Festival Karlsruhe.png

    August 26th - September 1st

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