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"Dunkelheit" directed by Manuel Speck (18:30 - 19:30)

Ten days ago the world went dark, the sun and the stars disappeared. The world went into Dunkelheit (German for darkness). Five days ago THEY came. We don't know who or what THEY are. We just know: THEY hate light, THEY hunt humans. An improvised horror-tragedy. A show about hope and loss. Inspired by the game "Ten Candles"


"Just Play" by Anananas & Pampamplemousse from France (20:00 - 20:45)

Just Play is a freeform show, full of energy and variations, in which the inspiration will come from objects picked in the audience, the music, the lights, the bodies, and everything that might happen in the moment.


"Hotel Superior" directed by Andrew Hefler (21:15 - 22:15)

The pampered and entitled nouveau riche unleashed on the cynical servant class at a lavish resort. Social hierarchy is twisted into knots, revealing the tawdry relationship between power and beauty. They may believe that they’re entitled to get whatever they desire, but they may only get what they deserve. Hotel Superior is an improvised play in one act. You the audience votes on which actor will portray the character who’s time at the hotel takes a fatal turn.

Shows | Day 4 - Friday 1st of September

VAT Included
    Improv Festival Karlsruhe.png

    August 26th - September 1st

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