Saturday, 10th of September 10:00 - 17:00

What does Reduced mean? It is for students, retired, unemployed people and everybody with little money or income, no questions asked.

Improvisation is theatre and the audience has expectations of the theatre. They want it to reflect the realities of people’s lives. They want to relate to and feel the struggles, trials and tribulations of the characters on stage and their relationships.

Resistance: A force, such as friction, that operates opposite the direction of motion of a body and tends to prevent or slow down the body's motion, or refusing to accept something.

People in life want to appear normal, to remain balanced when facing change. They can live in denial, they can say no when being asked out on a date and they don’t always take the life-changing opportunities right away or even willfully. However, after resisting, when they finally do take that leap or that transformation, the breakthrough is scenic gold. It’s where the audience cannot help but be moved by the tension and vicarity. This intensive will look at the skills and techniques that help actors work together to make aware their collective sensors to say yes to the tension, yes to the struggle through resisting certain opportunities and stretching them out for higher stakes and greater reward. As we become more savvy and start to understand the needs of dynamics, narratives, transformations and most importantly audiences, we start to understand that saying yes is best when we say yes to the obvious, our feelings, the impulses, and the truth of the scene and find yourself in. This workshop will be based on several skill building exercises, including some physical and musical warm-ups to deal with some physicality of tension and focus a lot on scene work with constructive and candid feedback.

Resistance: Saying yes to the tension

VAT Included
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    September 6th - 10th