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"Of Car-Rides and Breakups" by Manuel Speck Friday (10:00 - 17:00)


Car-rides and breakups? How do those two go along together? Well first things first, in this workshop we will focus on two very precise but different situations in life.


What kind of break-ups are there? What emotions, bargainings and awkward silences do we have to overcome? We will figure and fight it out together.


We will also learn how to do an improvised scene on a car-ride, how to be in a confined space, how to handle the road, the steering wheel and your passenger at the same time.


In this workshop we will learn how to endure and heighten emotional scenes, especially when we don't have the possibility to escape. 

Of Car-Rides and Breakups

VAT Included
    Improv Festival Karlsruhe.png

    August 24th - September 1st 2024

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