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Learn to fail, darling! with Rocío Barquilla - Saturday, 31. August - 14:00 - 17:00h


About the Workshop:


As an improviser, teacher, and human I have come to realize that mistakes are not only an unavoidable part of improv/life, but an amazing source of creativity and fun. In the words of Bob Ross "There are no mistakes, just happy accidents". I think for beginners -and not so beginners- it is utterly important to overcome the fear of making mistakes (oneself or others) that leads to the freeze, fly or fight response.In this workshop we will enjoy laughing at mistakes, learn to not judge oneself or the others when mistakes take place and just get used to the mental breakdown that come with mistakes on scenes. Then we will learn a couple of tools to turn these so-called "mistakes" into happy accidents that lead to unexpected plot twists, funny characters, meta-improv opportunities and just creative ideas in general! Here comes a space to make all the improv mistakes and fu**ups that you don't have time to make in your classes or rehearsals, while being applauded by everybody else cause you are here to learn to fail, darling! Hopefully by the end of the workshop, improvisers would come on stage with more confidence, more patience, understanding and compassion, and a sense of creative flexibility that allows them to not only tolerate mistakes on scenes, but to embrace them and turn into something super interesting!


About the Teacher:


Rocío Barquilla is a Spanish improviser based in Valencia, director, producer & performer in VIP (Valencia Improv Playground) and "alta sensibilidad", and headmaster & teacher of VIP School of Improv. She started doing improv in Slovenia in English almost a decade ago and that is why she loves being involved in the international community of Improv in Europe and beyond. Her field of expertise is long, free form and applied improv, but she loves exploring the limits of improvisation. In order to do that she has co-founded a few improv groups to explore abstract, sensitive, comedy, feminist and other types of improv. She's also got a master's degree in Applied Theater and thus she facilitates workshops of improv and theater techniques applied to language learning, self-development, team building, etc. Last but not least, she has two Slovenian cats.

Learn to fail, darling! with Rocío Barquilla

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    August 24th - September 1st 2024

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