Thursday, 8th of September 19:00

What does Reduced mean? It is for students, retired, unemployed people and everybody with little money or income, no questions asked.


Impro is coming!

This Long Form Play draws its themes from the world of Game of Thrones - bringing its intrigue, power shifts, and drama to the stage! This format was originally developed by Improv Theatre Snorkkeli and performed in Tampere, Finland in throughout the year 2019.

Whether our play takes place in Karlsruhe or Westeros, the Middle Ages or Mars, is of course in the hands of the audience of the night!

Who is the hero and who the traitor? Who sacrifices everything for love or family? Who plots themselves to the top?

Let the games begin!

Ice and Fire (19:00)

VAT Included
    Improv Festival Karlsruhe.png

    September 6th - 10th