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Feel-good Movie with Beata Różalska - Thursday, 29. August - 14:00 - 17:00h


About the Workshop:


Scene needs to have conflict or a quarrel to make audience interested? Well, not necessarily! On this workshop we will learn how to start or play whole scenes without a conflict and how to use it in a balanced way. To let it raise the stake, instead of being a stake itself from the very beginning. We will understand that supporting our partner is respecting and loving his ideas and characters. We won’t be in a hurry or look for any way to feel safe. We will play scenes in which we will seek for stake in different regions that in anger or accusations. We will get interested and we will fall in love. This workshop is for people who have troubles with going out of a trap of negative scenes.


About the Teacher:


Beata Bebe Różalska – architect and improviser based in Poland. She started working with improvisational theatre in 2007. She performs and teaches both in Poland and abroad. Beata performs with groups SzaFoFe, 7 Women of Different Ages and she is a member of international network of improvisers The SIN. She wants to encourage people to be more playful and to feel more ease in scenes. On a stage she seeks for variety of emotions, using freedom, movement and her own nature. Beata treats Impro as an art that may help us to develop many abilities. She believes that through impro we may show what is good and how to disagree with bad behavior. 

Feel-good Movie with Beata Różalska

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    August 24th - September 1st 2024

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