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"Doodling to Performing" by Tanine Dunais Sunday (14:00 - 17:00)


We improvise because we like taking risks , taking a chance to surprise oneself, to discover a new way of doing things. To feel free and use our mistakes to discover something new.

And most importantly  "to connect to ourselves, to other people and to the environment."

In this workshop I will share with you another path to get to all the beautiful things we love about improv. Via drawing, sketching and doodling.


What can we learn from this art form to use on the stage? how to find out inner freedom before offering it to the audience? how to enjoy every little stroke and believe that no stroke needs to be erased? What can we learn from composition to imply an understanding of space on the stage? 



About Tanine:


Tanine Dunais is an Iranian improviser and graphic designer. She started improv in Dubai performing for The Courtyard Playhouse in Dubai ( and then moved and based herself in Amsterdam while traveling and improvising around Europe participating in various festivals as a performer and teacher. 

She is an active member of Amsterdam improv communities including Flock theatre ( and plays in various long form groups and duos.

Doodling to Performing

VAT Included
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    August 26th - September 1st

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